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Rented holiday accommodation during peak and low season
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Thanks to top rankings on Google, millions of holidaymakers visit our website and place over 240,000 booking requests every month.

Renting a holiday accommodation free of commission
100% rental income for you

Renting of property free of commission for only €24,75/ month plus VAT for a period of one year. No additional or hidden costs for you or your holiday guests.

Guaranteed success for apartments and holiday homes
Guests from all over the world

In addition to the advertisement on Vacation-Apartments your holiday home will be presented on up to 4 other portals in English and German language.

You choose your holiday guests
Your holiday accommodation, your decisions

The booking enquiries allow you contact holidaymakers beforehand and pick your guests yourself.

Numerous tools to support your rental success
Functional tools for maximum success

Included are the use of the booking plan (also iCal), messenger, success statistics and other tools for managing your holiday accommodation.

Professional customer service for renting holiday accommodations
Professional support for your rental activities

Your rental success is our business – that's why we offer you a free advertisement check and excellent customer advice.

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3 steps to a successful apartment rental

Register your holiday home and apartment for free

Register for free

Register for free and without obligation and test all the features of our highly developed management system.

Create a holiday home and apartment advertisement

Create your advertisement

In just a few steps you can create a professional advertisement and receive a perfect presentation of your apartment or holiday home.

Successful rental of holiday homes and apartments

Successful renting

If you decide to publish, we will activate your accommodation after the free advertisement check. From now on you will receive booking requests free of commission.

Frequently asked questions about advertising and renting on Vacation-Apartments

What happens after registration?

After registering, you can check out your personal lessor area and start creating your first advertisement. If you are satisfied with your advertisements and the invoice has been paid, our team will check all the details. Your advertisement is then ready for publishing, and we will notify you via email. The period starts once your advertisement has been activated.

Does the advertisement renew automatically after 12 months?

No, we do not renew advertisements automatically. Once the advertisement period is expired, we will simply leave an invoice in your personal lessor area. That way, you can consciously decide whether you want to work with us again.

Will there be additional costs for me or the holiday guests?

No, we won't charge you nor your holiday guests any extra fees. The annual fee is paid at the beginning of your contract period, thus securing your flat rate for inquiries – without additional costs. As a matter of principle, we do not charge guests any service or booking fees, so they won't incur extra costs.

Why do I only pay an annual fee and no booking commission?

We have deliberately opted for advertising and against commission, as the advantages for hosts clearly outweigh any possible risks of this business model. It allows hosts on Vacation-Apartments to contact holiday guests directly and decide for themselves whether or not to accept a booking. Furthermore, you will receive the rental income directly from your guest, not through Vacation-Apartments. If we were to work on a commission basis, this flexibility would be significantly limited or maybe even lost entirely.

How much rental income can I generate with my apartment?

As a lessor on Vacation-Apartments, it is completely up to you how much rent you want to charge for your apartment or holiday home. You can enter different seasonal rates, surcharges, etc., into our price calculator and neither you nor your guests will incur additional fees.

How long will it take for my advertisement to be activated?

The duration of our activation process depends, among other things, on how much time you need to enter all necessary information to your satisfaction. The advertisement can only be activated once all important data has been stored and the invoice has been paid.

Which types of bookings are available on Vacation-Apartments?

You can choose the type of request you want to receive. If you opt for non-binding enquiries, you will receive enquiries that are non-binding for you and holiday guests alike. If you opt for our 24-hour booking service, you will receive requests in which guests make a binding booking valid for 24h hours. You still have the option of accepting or rejecting these requests. Both options give you, the host, control over your bookings.

Do the rental payments go through Vacation-Apartments?

No, we don't deal with security deposits or rental payments. The payment transaction between you and your guests is entirely handled by you.

Will Vacation-Apartments hand over the key on my behalf?

Our focus is to provide the best possible marketing for your apartment or holiday home and to find the right guests for you. We do not interfere with the rental on site and can therefore not hand over the keys on your behalf. Nevertheless, we are happy to assist you with our know-how in all matters relating to holiday rental.

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