Skiing holiday in Lower Franconia

Choose from 6 holiday apartments and other accommodations for your skiing holiday in Lower Franconia. Relax while doing winter sports, enjoy the snow!

Selected holiday houses and apartments in Lower Franconia

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  • X 6516e2835b02a (+X)
  • Xxx. 5 6516e2835b02b
  • 120 m²
xx 401 €
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  • X 6516e2835b091 (+X)
  • Xxx. 5 6516e2835b093
  • 120 m²
xx 188 €
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  • X 6516e2835b12f (+X)
  • Xxx. 5 6516e2835b130
  • 120 m²
xx 382 €
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  • X 6516e2835b188 (+X)
  • Xxx. 5 6516e2835b189
  • 120 m²
xx 452 €
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Skiing holiday in Lower Franconia

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Typical accommodations in Lower Franconia

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